The notorious Amazon AWS marketplace review

Amazon AWS marketplace is one of the most complicated and large IT marketplaces in the world. They offer anything any company would need for their server and application needs.

Amazon AWS Marketplace Positives

While the idea is great, it is not a marketplace like you would think, at least not. To date, Amazon is the only company that has come out with this type of marketplace.

Business owners who are looking to expand to the cloud, and expand their presence in the cloud can definitely benefit from the new online marketplace. It allows for preconfigured settings in shopping carts and allows them to add more technical services.

Amazon has made it a lot easier to find their AMIs by the specification. The marketplace is easy to search and once you are a member, it is easy to get started immediately. The billing process is easy to understand and customers pay through Amazon like they would with any other service provided by the company.

Small business owners will now be able to offer services and products from major companies like 10gen and Microsoft.

Amazon AWS Marketplace Isn’t That Impressive

While it isn’t very impressive yet, Amazon could have some surprises in store for us when they start receiving user feedback and see reviews of their product online. Honestly, launching any program that contains an online marketplace is a big step for Amazon. We haven’t seen anything like it from their competitors.

It could be the fact that it is a new interface, and it may be because they haven’t included everything they wanted to include. The marketplace really isn’t all that impressive. The virtual appliances are not anything we haven’t seen before and there isn’t much room for user configuration.

The Greatest Benefit

The best benefit from the new marketplace is that it can easily be combined with the billing you already get from Amazon services. It allows them to work with major companies and get their hands on newer products a lot easier than they could have before.

Throughout all of the speculation of what everyone thinks will happen with the Amazon AWS marketplace, there are a lot of positives that can be found. Like any new program that becomes available, it starts off small and develops through user feedback and the needs of customers.

Encryption – Way to protect your information

The Internet has changed the life of people in each way how they lead it. It has changed the way of learning, shopping and many more. While we use the internet, every activity of people along with our identity and location are carried from one source to other. During this process, we people think that they are safe. But they are not! We generally send a lot of information and during this activity, we share a lot of details about us.

For example, when we go shopping online, our information like name addresses and bank details like credit card and debit card information are shared with the seller. Since all the personal information is shared through the internet, some important steps have to be taken to avoid any malpractice and ensure the confidentiality of data. As of the news update, it is said that cybercrime activities are ranging to be high with the technology advancements. So to safeguard the private details and other confidential information, encryption is applied. Encryption is the study of hiding original information through a protocol. It scrambles the data based on the cryptography technique by using a key that can only be decrypted from the end user using the key.

This encryption is divided into two based on the way they are encrypted and decrypted in a cryptosystem. Thus the two type of encryption are

  • Asymmetric key encryption
  • Symmetric key encryption

Asymmetric key encryption

This encryption process includes two different key for encryption and decryption of text. Even though the keys are different, they use the same logic. For instance, when a user sends an information, he/she has to find the end user public key, then the information is encrypted using the public key. To receive the information, end-user needs to use his/her private key to decrypt the information. Though they have different keys, logically their way is similar. This key is mainly used through emails and other digital sign information.  SSL and TSL are the examples of public key encryption.

Symmetric key encryption

In this encryption method, same keys are used by sender and receiver. This process is easier and use of the same key makes the encryption and decryption faster than asymmetric process. So people who use symmetric key encryption method need to share their key details prior to information sharing. But the drawback of this method is trust issue because of same key sharing between both users.

As explained, encryption is not only for information that is shared through internet they can be applied for information that is held in your system or any storage devices. Due to the rise in cybercrime activity, encryption is becoming more essential for computer users to protect information from not getting into the wrong hands.


Cryptography – Proceed through secured communication

In this modern world, people become more tensed concerning with the feel of security. Many people around the world log on to internet every day and share more information. Here security is the common factor to worry about! Online transaction, e-commerce is some of the main aspects which make people to worry about the security feature. Thus with the technology advancement, each and every moment some amount of data is shared or transferred between users of internet, this results in huge amount of data to be transferred through internet around the world. Data are shared between two parties and so ideally meant to share in the safe and secure path. Thus cryptography can be applied for such secured communication.

Cryptography is a method used from ancient days. It started from the days of world war, where they have to share information with a secret code. The same method is followed when technology development is made. But with the technology development, cryptography is done with a certain algorithm to make strong firewall for information. In this telecommunication field, cryptography is necessary during the process of sharing information of communication through the internet that is shared over the world. When a user sends information, it can be shared with any user when passing through the network. So to hide the information from sharing with the third party, Cryptography is used. This makes sure of safe and secure information sharing between users to communicate. There are some basic security techniques to be followed between sender and receiver.

  • Authentication – This means to find the identity of the user. According to the survey, most of the current techniques of host to host authentication through internet are shared through location-based and domain based. Though these type of sharing is not secured according to security point of view.
  • Confidentiality – The information shared between sender and receiver should not be shared between any third users. Thus information should not be leaked with another intermediate user.
  • Integrity – It should be guaranteed that the information sent from the sender is not hacked in between the network. The receiver should receive the information in the same format how sender has sent.
  • Denial of information – The ownership of information has to be checked with its source id before receiving.

Thus cryptography is an art of proving secured information. This deals with the method of securing digital data with cryptography primitives. Thus the form of encrypting is said to be cryptosystem and the ways of decrypting information is said to be cryptanalysis.


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